Freqently Asked Questions

Freqently Asked Questions

What industries does the Affconnect platform cater for?
The Affconnect platform caters for the casino, sportsbetting, binary, bingo, forex, financial trading and retail industries.

How quickly can we have our affiliate platform setup?
Generally we can deploy, integrate, setup and test your platform ready to launch within just a few weeks.

Can we migrate our existing affiliate database into your platforms?
Yes, migrating your existing affiliate database is an extremely simple process for our knowledgeable and experienced technical team. If you are migrating from a competitor product or service we can ensure that any affiliate links from your old platform are automatically tracked in your new platform so affiliate tracking will not be affected in any way until they have the opportunity to replace their current links.

Can we customise the platform to suit the theme and brand of our business?
Yes, you can display your own business logo and change the colour style to match your business colour scheme.

What languages is your platform provided with?
Both affiliate front-end and the administration back-office can be operated in any language. As standard we supply by default English, Czech, German, Spanish, French, Croatian, Hungarian, Italian, Japanese, Polish, Russian, Arabic, Chinese and Simplified Chinese, Sumoi, Indonesian, Korean, Malay, Thai and Vietnamese languages. Additional languages can be installed by request.

Does Affconnect support role based access for multiple users?
Yes, any user with administrator priviledges is able to provide unlimited users with role defined access to the system. Each user can be allowed individual access to specific sections of the platform.

What commission models do your platforms support?
The Affconnect platforms support, rev-share, cpa, cpl, cpr, lot rebate, pip rebate in fixed, tiered and time based scales. In addition our platforms also allow hybrid combinations of commission models to suit every requirement. Along with the customisation of individual affiliate commissions our platforms also provide the administrators an option to completely allow or disallow commission types from being available to individual affiliates for bespoke management of accounts.

Can commissions be easily customised for each affiliate?
Yes, each affiliate account can be accessed by managers & administrators through a simple account management system allowing full customization of individual affiliate commissions. Using a unique commission adjustment tool administrators can easily adjust multiple accounts.

How many trackers or campaigns can be created for each affiliate?
Our affiliate management software platforms are the only system that allows each affiliate to create an unlimited number of independently named campaigns, allowing the affiliate to report on each one and optimize their marketing strategy and maximise their return on marketing investment.

Does your ad-server support live odds banners and widgets?
Yes, we support live odds and widgets via html ad-serving platform.

Does your platform support the ability for me to provide exclusive ads and offers for some affiliates?
Yes. Personal creatives can be uploaded and only available to certain affiliates.

Do you support offline marketing for coupons, print and commercial advertising tracking?
Using a unique ref code generator our platforms automatically assign offline referral codes to each affiliate to enable all forms of offline advertising to be tracked.

What affiliate account approval methods does your platform support?
Three account approval methods are available and can be adjusted easily using a combination of the three:

- automatic e-mail verification
- manual system approval
- manager assignment

What fees are charged for the platform licenses?
One Time Setup Fee
Monthly License Fee (Including Free Monthly Data Connection Allowance)
CDN use over the included Data Connection Allowance
Data Storage Fees

All prices are published on the website in order to provide full transparency

What is the Included Free Monthly Data Connection Allowance?
The Included Free Monthly Data Connection Allowance is the amount of connection requests made by your affiliate platform and includes ad displays and clicks from the CDN and any data requests for new accounts or financial transactions. By Default, each client receives a free monthly data connection allowance.

What happens if I exceeed my Free Monthly Data Connection Allowance?
In the unlikely event that you exceed your Free Monthly Data Connection Allowance, any additional data connections are charged at the CPM rate of £0.50

How do I request a demonstration of the Affconnect affiliate tracking and management platform?
To schedule a free demonstration of the Affconnect affiliate tracking and management platform, please complete the demo request form and a representative will be in contact shortly. We can provide demonstrations via skype, at your offices or any vanue of your choice.

What support do you provide your client with?
After a detailed initial product training session we prodive full hands on support through the setup of your platform through to your launch. Ongoing support is provided through our support ticket portal which operates 24 hours a day, 7 days a week and 365 days a year.

What should I do if I have a question that is not answered here?
If you have a question that is not answered in this section of our website, please send your question using our contact form